1:1 Personal and Executive Coaching (no horses)

I work with people who want support in coming into alignment with their internal truths, to find a greater sense of joy, ease, and personal freedom within all aspects of life.

You may be in search of greater vision and clarity, or feeling trapped and entangled in a current situation. Life may feel heavy with burdens and struggle, or raw with too much change. Or things may be smooth enough, yet living feels hollow and you yearn for depth.


Free your mind

The mind is a beautiful instrument. But it can become an entangled mess of thoughts that creates stress, confusion, and pain. Part of our work is to look at the core belief structures that create the lens through which you perceive and create your world. We explore ways to identify and release beliefs that are no longer true for you, so you can experience relief and freedom. 


Live your own story

Having a mental plan is very different than living from a place where you feel called. When you learn to let go of rigid plans and control, you begin to live a heart-centered life that is imbued with vitality and exuberance. 

Carlos Castaneda wrote that all paths are the same, so choose a path with heart. This is the path of greatest fulfillment and generosity, to yourself and the world.  


Engage in deep practice

Shifts and change only come with deep practice. I work with clients to develop a personal practice that integrates the awareness gained from our sessions. When you commit to integration, to practicing new ways of being, you create lasting change.



“Whether it's your brand, your business strategy or your life...Lisa gets you. She has an amazing ability to observe you at your core and help you build a powerful vision that fits like your favorite pair of jeans. After working with Lisa, I felt like I knew myself and my company better than ever before. Her work unlocks your unseen potential and empowers you to continue growing on your own.”

– Chuck Longanecker, CEO Digital-Telepathy

 “I was ready for changes in my business life, but didn't realize what I'd be getting into with Lisa Tran:  Life changing, heart-anchoring peace, and clarity of vision, direction, and opportunities. Lisa brings invaluable tools that have led to remarkable discoveries within myself. She is positive and has the ability to show an overwhelmed professional that the simplest of techniques can make great, positive change. Oh, and now that I've worked with her, I actually breathe!”

– Celia Sepulveda, PhD, VP Neighbor Agency

“The talk I did at TEDx San Diego did so much for me. The actual talk acted like a catalyst for my own professional development and the TED brand itself is so strong that any association with it is like rocket fuel for your reputation. Working with Lisa Tran on my talk at TEDx was great. The first idea I pitched to her was straight up rejected so I knew from early on that I was dealing with someone who had real discernment! We skyped, e-mailed and edited together but, crucially, she gave me space to do my own thing and to make the talk mine.”  

– Charlie Morley, lucid dreaming teacher and author of Dreams of Awakening


Private Sessions

3-session package  – $450

  • pre-work
  • 3 one-hour phone or video sessions
  • email follow-ups  

Single session – $175

  • one-hour phone or video session
  • email follow-ups  


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